About us

Conrotto Progetti is an architecture
and interior design practice.

With a keen eye for beauty, a method honed over 50 years in the business and a collaborative approach to clients’ projects, we design spaces that convey meaning in the most powerful way — through people’s experience of a new environment.

We care about meaning, details and beauty.

We tailor each project according to our client’s architectural and communication needs, leveraging decades of experience and our team’s relentless passion for a job well done. We embrace both tradition and technology to seek out original solutions. We draw inspiration from a culture of craftsmanship that holds itself to the highest standards, achieving the winning combination of rigor and creativity that is at the core of Made in Italy quality and flair.

We create spaces that not only work, 

but make perfectly beautiful sense.

Founded in 1965, Conrotto Progetti has built its expertise over decades of hard work on diverse projects. As people’s view of public and commercial spaces evolves, the practice’s initial specialization in retail spaces has led to a broader approach to any environment where consumers meet content.

Our team of professionals is able to go from concept to concrete, bringing to the table specific skills for creative ideation, problem solving, selecting and sourcing materials, consumer journey creation, quality assurance and more. It is thanks to this dynamic and diverse group of people that Conrotto Progetti remains abreast of current trends and evolutions in the market, offering clients the perfect blend of strong expertise and contemporary solutions.