Casa Martini

Blending past, present and future in a modern museum experience.

A new home for the historical vermouth brand, with the ambition to take its museum from 5,000 to 50,000 visitors a year: a secret recipe, a story that began in 1863, and an icon of Italian lifestyle step onto a whole new stage.

Martini – Bacardi Group


Brand Experience | Hospitality


Pessione, Turin | Italy





10,000 m2

Tradition is fully celebrated by amplifying the red, white and black of the logo and propagating its circle everywhere, from the entrance to the tasting bar to installations’ layout. Spotlights and an enveloping, immersive experience make visitors feel they are accessing an almost sacred world – one of carefully selected natural ingredients and time-honored methods.

The renewed vision of the brand is conveyed through bold finishes, dramatic lighting, cosmopolitan vibes – and a completely modern approach to storytelling that makes the new Casa Martini a sensorial experience, from the smell of botanicals to the cocktails created by expert mixologists in the tasting area.


The production process unfolds with an impressive showcase of copper stills and gargantuan stainless steel tanks – where the “mariage” of flavors happens, slowly over time – while a back-lit Wunderkammer offers a layered, in-depth glimpse into the historical culture of vermouth.

The itinerary itself – with the round, spyglass-like entrance and exit reconnecting on the central courtyard – is designed to capture the circularity of a brand ready to blend past, present and future in perfect balance.