Oceanário de Lisboa

Sustainable solutions under a sun-kissed and functional surface.

Relationship between man and marine nature is not only possible, but wonderful.

Oceanário de Lisboa




Lisbon | Portugal





1,000 m2

THE PLAN Award | Retail
2021 finalist

A sea of fish creates the beautiful azure canopy over the gift shop and food area of the Oceanário, which extend the experience of the aquarium. Thanks to the collaboration with MATto at Turin’s Polytechnic University, we pinpointed recycled PET, painted with water-based colors, as the right material for this striking feature — able to hide technical systems without blocking sprinklers, lights and A/C vents.
In this final part of the visitor’s journey, the space is inspired by nautical environments, where the sea is an integral part of human life: ropes, portholes, sun—bleached wooden planks, organic shapes and simplicity. The food area layout was defined in collaboration with Portuguese star chef Kiko Martins, adding a touch of local flavor with azulejos tiles.