Juventus MegaStore

A space to embody the new brand, beyond sports.

Turin’s 1,000—square-meter megastore, right inside the team’s stadium, is an essential element in Juventus F.C.’s world.



Brand Experience


Turin | Italy





800 m2

Outstanding Store Design <1,200 sqm,
2018 finalist

As the new, bold identity was unveiled — effectively turning a soccer team into a 360° global brand for the first time in the history of association football — the store had to embody the new concept, “Life is a matter of black and white”.

Contrasts are taken head on: the grace of glass and the strength of burnished iron, rough concrete and glossy surfaces, industrial cool and warm wood details coexist, play off each other, and contribute to a space that is elegant and virile at the same time. With huge care for detail and the integration of innovative technological features — including the first 130-inch transparent walls ever installed in Italy — the megastore reflects the black&white soul of Juventus while opting for a palette of gray tones that is urban, modern and definitely grown-up.